Remote Support

at it's best

We can remotely view, diagnose and fix
technical issues on your computer.

Our connections are secure and trouble-free. In just seconds, we can remotely control
and analyse your desktop from anywhere in Australia. Our technicians provide support
and maintenance with just a single click, whether you're at your desk or away.

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Fast and

reliable tech support

We are here to help with all your mobile, PC repair and Computer Repair problems.

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Fast and Reliable

Tech Support

Senior small business it support specialist team working to improve your technology consumption experience.

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Tech Support

Supported by professionals
24/7 We are proud to provide remote IT tech support services Australia Wide. We let you focus on your business!

Small Business to

Cloud What would happe if you lost your data? Can you access it outside the office? Cloud means cost and risk reduction and it can enable your business using technology that was once un-affordable.


avoid cost and exposure to
Risk Just like you would service your van, coffee machine or other equipment you need proper maintenance in conjunction with your tech support plan to protect information and avoid un planned computer repairs or data loss.

Computer Repair and Tech Support

You save money by using our remote tech support service to solve your computer repair problems.

In most cases, our IT tech support team  are able to deal with computer repair  problems remotely without ‘physically’ changing any hardware on your PC. Resolving computer issues such as viruses, malware, and even hard drive failure from a remote location by our small business IT support specialists minimises computer repair time and allows you to get back to your day to day tasks sooner.

For those with limited computer knowledge, you can comfortably watch one of our IT specialists fix the computer problems on your PC from the comfort of your office chair. While doing that, you may want to think about the joys of modern technology that allowed you to accomplish this amazing feat

Need a tech support solution?

  • Small business data backup
    What would happen to your business if you lost valuable information.  Are you disciplined with backup and what if there was a fire or a robbery at your office?
  • Remote Tech Support
    Studies show 90% of tech support issues can be solved remotely.  This saves small business owners time and money.
  • IT Maintenance 
    Just like servicing your car or company vehicle small business should service their computers to avoid expensive PC repair costs and data loss.